If you are fumbling with how to write an online survey then here is a simple way of writing it. An online survey as the name says is any survey that is available online. This type of surveys can be filled online or downloaded onto the computer. Online surveys can be on any number of topics depending on the relevance of the survey and the objective it needs to achieve. The focus of the survey should be on getting as much information as possible regarding a product, service, organization, institutions, idea etc.

Here’s a step by step approach on how to write an online survey:

  • Survey Objective: At the top most part of the survey questionnaire is the objective. It needs to be precise and is important for the participant as they have a right to know what the survey proposes to do.
  • Personal details: Personal details are important so that you can communicate with the participant post survey. Personal data includes name of the participant, occupation, age, gender, phone number, address, and email.
  • Part I: This is the first part of the online survey and should focus on understanding the need of the participants. It can also focus on what problems or issues a participant faces with respect to the survey objectives or the product or service in question.
  • Part II: The second part of the online survey should consist of several multiple choice questions. These questions will help a participant to make a clear choice and thus provide a clear answer or feedback. Questions can be like: Which one of these according to you are correct? Please mark true or false in the following?
  • Part III: This is the final part of an online survey and it should emphasize on deriving data or information that will enable the organization conducting the survey to bring upon necessary changes or implement new programs.

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