If you have been thinking of how to write paid survey then the answer is quite simple. Before you can start writing the questions for a paid survey, you need to identify the objective. The objective is important because it will ensure that all the questions in the survey are meaningful and relevant and will drive the information required from the participants. In a paid survey, the participant is going to get paid for participating in the survey and providing their valuable information. A paid survey can be on just about anything including video games, home accessories, audio or video, cars, computers, software, travel agency, and much more.

Here’s a listed approach on how to write paid survey:

  • Objective: The objective is important to the paid survey and should be mentioned right at the top or the beginning.
  • Details of Participant: Personal and other details of the participant are important. Personal details should include name of the participant, occupation, age, gender, phone number, address, email, bank, etc.
  • First Section: This section of the paid survey should focus on questions that are simple or are with yes or no options. A model question is: Have you participated in paid surveys before? Have you done product paid surveys?
  • Second Section: This section of the paid survey can consist of open ended questions or multiple choice questions. The questions should be intended to get relevant feedback regarding a product or service that the participant has used or is using. Questions can be like: Which of the following define the ‘abc’ product? Which of the following drawbacks does the ‘abc’ service have?
  • Final Section: This section of paid survey should emphasize on the value of the product or the service in question to the participant. In this section, the participants can also be encouraged to suggest changes as well.

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