Every organization wants to gauge the effectiveness of their HR department via a HR effectiveness survey. This survey helps the management estimate how useful is their HR section as far as the resource utilization and resource satisfaction of their company is concerned.

HR Effectiveness Survey Sample

1) What is the priciest HR functionality in your company?

a)   Training

b)   Employee Relations

c)   Staffing

d)   Labor Relations

e)   Others. Please specify.

2) In which area does your HR team spends the maximum time and effort?

a)   Strategy Planning

b)   Program Designing

c)   Service Delivering

d)   Others. Please specify.

3) Which issue does your HR team find the most challenging?

a)   Increasing resource productivity

b)   Key workforce retention

c)   Leadership ability creation

d)   Others. Please specify.

4) How effective is your HR team while solving any issues?

a) Very much

b) Not up to the mark

c) Needs to improve

5) Is the solution provided by your HR team useful for all?

a)   Always

b)   Not always

c)   Not at all

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