There are various requirements of an HR department in organization in order to recruit the right kind of candidate for a certain designation. Thus an HR needs survey is conducted to understand what are the qualities that an HR usually look for in an individual while recruiting him. This survey is taken by the HR department in an organization and benefits the candidates applying for a certain job.

HR Needs Planning Survey Sample

1. How do you spread awareness about the recruitment for the vacancy for a certain designation?

a) Advertisements

b) Putting notice on office premise

c) Taking part in job fair

2. What is the quality that you usually look for in an interviewee?

a) Good communication skill

b) Good knowledge of the work in the required position

c) Interest towards the job

3. On what basis do you feel it is most effective to recruit an individual?

a) One to one interview

b) Basis of work experience

c) Written test

4. Is there any issue in the recruitment process planned in your organization?

a) Yes

b) No

5. Would you like to suggest any improvement in HR planning?


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