HR stands for Human Resource and this department of a company is mainly aimed to ensure that the employees working in an organisation are happy and contented. Senior management has to realize that one of the reasons that an employee stays back in an organisation and let’s go off other lucrative offers is due to the single fact that they are satisfied in their present organisation. The HR survey questions are used at various points in an employee’s life, whenever the company may feel the need to get a feedback.

HR Survey Questions Sample

1. Please select your gender

a. Male

b. Female

2. Is this your first job?

a. Yes

b. No

3. What is your qualification?

a. graduate

b. Under Graduate

c. Post Graduate

d. PHD


f. In case of others, please specify…

4. Is this your campus placement?

a. Yes

b. No

5. Which level do you belong to?

a. Executive Level

b. Junior Management Level

c. Middle Management Level

d. Senior Management Level.

e. In case of others, please specify…

6. Are you satisfied working in this company?

a. Yes I am extremely satisfied

b. No I am extremely dissatisfied

c. Do not want to make any kinds of comments.

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