HR Survey or Human Resources Survey is generally conducted by the Human Resources Department in an organization. Human Resources comprises of the workforce, both senior level and junior level, who together take part in the day to day work of the establishment. Conducting these surveys can increase not only the productivity but also employee retention. Because the entity comes to know the needs and wants of the workers, they take recourse of follow up measures.

For instance, employee training is considered to be an integral part of Human Relation Department in an organization. So with this kind of survey the business establishment can come to know the areas where the employees think they need adequate training, their convenient time of attending such training, what method suits them the best, the procedure to speak about their grievances etc.

The importance of these survey can be construed from issues like – a training program designed at making the employees acquainted with “workplace ethics”. Or on a more serious topic like – “Sexual Harassment.   “

The management of each organization needs the employee centric information to manage them effectively. With this survey they find an idle mode to garner the information without causing a fuss to either party. This helps them to make decision about hiring an ideal HR Consultancy firm which would take care of the issues pertaining to HR.

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Recruitment Salary Survey

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HR satisfaction survey

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Recruitment satisfaction survey

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Sample HR survey

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