HR transformation survey is one of the most effective tools for managing HR department. This sort of survey helps the management to analyze the pros and cons of HR transformation.

HR Transformation Survey Sample

1) What was the chief drawback of the previous HR that motivated you for the transformation?

a)   Unable to extract the best out of the employees

b)   Transfer and exit policies were not as per the satisfaction of the employees

c)   Others. Please specify.

2) What is/are the major changes that will be noticed as part of the transformation?

a)   An entirely new team is constructed

b)   Old team is partially retained with some new members and revised policies.

c)   Others. Please specify.

3) What is the feedback from the employees regarding the HR transformation?

a)   Mostly satisfied

b)   No comments from them yet

c)   Mostly Unsatisfied

4) Are your employees always comfortable with this transformation?

a)   Certainly

b)   Not always

c)   Not at all

5) Do handling issues become difficult during this period of transformation?

a) Yes it affects badly

b) No it’s under control

c) It affects to some extent

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