Hydrography is the science that studies things that are related to maritime navigation, marine construction, offshore drilling, dredging etc. Hydrographic training trains merchant navy officers and the training is conducted on board survey vessels. It prepares naval officers, sailors and civilians in hydrographic survey. Hydrographic Training Survey is often sponsored by private companies, universities and investment groups to develop special projects. It uses all kinds of modern technology to study the marine shelf. The training involves teaching people how to use such equipments. Classroom lectures are accompanied by at-sea training. In certain cases 10-20 day capsules are specially crafted depending upon a company’s specific training requirements.

Hydrographic Training Survey Sample

1. What is your background? Are you a

a. Naval officer

b. Sailor

c. Civilian

d. Trainee

2. What are your educational qualifications?

a. Graduate

b. Postgraduate

c. Diploma

d. Doctorate

3. How long have you been working in this field?

a. 6 months

b. 12 months

c. 18 months

d. 24 months

4. Which field will you prefer to study?

a. Satellite positioning systems

b. Towfish positioning

c. Equipment Communications

d. Sonar Operating Concepts.

5. What will you prefer to join?

a. 10 day course

b. Custom designed course

6. Are you here for

a. New training

b. Refresher course

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