Employee satisfaction is one of the main parameters to judge a company’s performance. Infact this is one major reason for the organisation’s success or popularity. Every company or organisation believes in some kind of an employee assessment or evaluation. To do something like this, the best method is to carry out an employee survey. An employee survey brings out the direct opinion of the employees and helps letting organisations keep their employees in the best of conditions so as to bring out the best from them. This is one of the most effective ways to evaluate the number of unsatisfied employees and give them a chance in the betterment of the company.

Each employee survey may differ from the other in the sense that every department can have a survey of their own with department specific questions. In a similar way, each company has different questions in the questionnaire depending upon the field of the work one does. A company’s employees are its greatest workforce and with their feedback, companies can help develop themselves.

An employee survey is also a really vital part because its gives even the employees a chance to raise their opinions and be heard. Some of these surveys allow employees not to disclose their identity, which leads to the unbiased and fearless response and opinion. If the issues which an employee has with the company are not given enough voice, then these issues become problems since they are not surfaced and worked upon. This particular fact can cause friction and hence reversal of the company’s growth and development. Especially for trainees or interns, a survey forms a great way to put forward their new ideas and approach.

Another thing which is so good about such surveys is the fact that they don’t eat up the precious time of the employees and can be filled over lunch or other free time.

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