It is said that a survey is the most important tool to improving oneself by taking unbiased opinions. The most vital aspect of conducting a survey is to gather information from a variety of people to get a variety of responses which indirectly helps to fathom the one major trend which comes out from them. Surveys are conducted at each level and in almost every strata of businesses and societies. One may think of a survey as a vote through which one gets to present their opinion that too in a way which is neither pressurised or influenced by any entity.

A business or organisation which doesnt conduct surveys is at a great risk of losing business or valuable employees. This is because they usually function on preconceived notions and gut feeling which might attract an opposite response from what is expected .The absence of a survey may sometimes result in missed opportunities and loss of customers to the competitive party.

Any kind of survey helps the company or organiser realise the popularity of their products and this in turn acts as a motivational and encouraging factor to do better. Surveys also help to identify the main faulty issues which may lead to improvement and making necessary changes wherever required.

Surveys are like a feedback mechanism which is an effective tool to let the customers be given a chance to raise their opinions, good or bad. The best thing about any survey which is in the form of a questionnaire is that it hardly costs the company any amount and is the fastest way to producing a result. Any such survey takes hardly a few minutes to be answered because all one has to do is to select the option they think is the most appropriate.

Knowing the needs and demands of the customer or the people is a necessity of a business or any organisation. Thus surveys form an integral part of any success story.

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