The international market survey helps to know the current condition of market internationally. This type of survey also helps to know the current market trend all over the globe.

International Market Survey Sample

  1. 1. In which country’s exhibitions has your company’s involvement been the most?

a. India

b. China

c. Japan

  1. 2. The country to which you export the most
    1. United Kingdom
    2. United States of America
    3. Indonesia
    4. Other
    5. 3. Your most critical challenge in exhibiting internationally
      1. Lack of market information
      2. Financial obstacles or budgetary constraints
      3. Readiness to begin export
      4. International restrictions imposed on your product
      5. Other (specify) ___________________
      6. 4. Range of your average expenses on any international show.
        1. < 500k $
        2. 500k-2million $
        3. 2million to 5 million $
        4. >5million $
        5. Mention your main criteria for exhibiting at international shows

a. Better exposure

b. garnering interest of international clients

c. other (specify) ___________

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