International Survey Research (ISR) is responsible for conducting economic, social and political surveys with the use of suitable methods of survey research at large scale. Such surveys are held on international level with the involvement of official leading journals and multivariate studies. In this international survey, effective and genuine information is used for questionnaire and to explain specific headings.

International Survey Research is based on the following factors:

  • Data:

The international research survey consists of factual and academic studies as per the topic of research survey.  Data includes statistical programs and portable files.

  • Publications:

In publications printed data which is appears in the form of books, journals and papers related to particular topic is used to conduct the survey.

  • Economic & Social Factors:

These factors differ from country to country and before using, they are accessed by cross checking the specified economic and social attributes. The specified attributes are income per person, education and resources available.

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  1. Irene Mtoi says:

    I work for a bank in Tanzania, East Africa.

    We are exploring for Service Providers to conduct an Employee Opinion Survey for us. Could we please have your adress and contact person.

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