International tax survey is method to study the various financial practices and cash transaction that comes under tax practice across the globe. Companies that are involved in international trade and commerce need to keep themselves update with international tax structure to prevent any legal consequences.

International Tax Survey Sample

1. Do you think that international tax structure is encouraging for business?

A. Yes.

B. Still lots of reforms are required

C. No.

2. Do you think that recession caused a steep downfall in tax collection?

A. Yes.

B. To a large extent.

C. Not much.

3. How much does the various national legislation affects the international taxation?

A. To a limited extent.

B. Both are separate things.

C. Cannot say.

D. Very much.

4. Do you think that still international tax sector is struggling with the lack of proper information and confidence?

A. Yes , to a great extent

B. Not much.

C. Situation is improving.



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