Interviews are the methods of either selecting a candidate for a particular post or gathering information to form the basis of a rigorous qualitative and/or quantitative analysis of a situation or phenomenon. The interview survey template can be termed as a survey tool that helps in formulating the structure of the survey, thus saving time for the concerned entity in charge of processing the survey.

Interview Survey Template Sample

Name: ________ (full legal name of the survey-taker)

Date: ________ (date of taking the survey)

Contact details: ________ (address and phone no.)

1. What is your concise opinion in regards to the concerned individual/situation/product?

  1. Good
  2. Poor
  3. Pathetic
  4. Excellent
  5. Average
  6. Any other (mention ____)
  7. No comments

2. Do you think there is any scope for further improvement?

  1. No, I don’t think so.
  2. There is a little scope for improvement.
  3. There is a fair scope for improvement.
  4. There is a huge scope for improvement.

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