Interview surveys are the surveys of various interview processes held and analysis done on the after-effects of such induction processes conducted by companies, business firms or any organization. As interviews involve interaction with new participants of the particular subject, it is important to survey their abilities as well as flaws, as these traits would be important factors for the execution of the specific project at a later instance. Hence, the purpose of conducting such surveys is to choose the best man for the job. Although interview questions and survey formats are bound to be different for different jobs and services, the general method of approach remains the same in every case. The following points are to be considered while conducting interview surveys:

  • Suitability: The survey is to be so designed to test how much suitable a candidate is for a particular job. Academic knowledge and practical experience are both essential determining factors.
  • Interpretation and co-ordination: It is important that the interviewer and the interviewee have perfect harmony in their discussion, so as to ensure that both can interpret the other’s views and co-ordinate ideas for further development.
  • Consistency: It is important that there is a standard way of collecting survey information so as to ensure uniform evaluation.
  • Data entry and Reporting: The data so collected and reviews done from the survey are to be recorded and maintained in a document for future reference and decision-making.

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