An investment planning survey helps an individual or an organization to look into various factors so as to have an effective investment planning. These types of surveys include questions on type, time and nature of investment to be done.

Investment Planning Survey Sample

1. Do you have any plans to have an investment planning?

a) Yes

b) No

c) Somewhat

2. What is the amount that you can allocate as investments?

a) More than one million

b) Less than one million

c) Less than half a million

3. What kind of investments do you prefer?

a) Stock

b) Fixed deposit

c) Mutual fund

4. Would you be taking the investment decision yourself or hire someone?


5. For what period of time do you intend to have investment planning?

a. Short Term

b. Long Term

6. What is your strategy to do investment planning?


7. What will be the source of the savings for the investment?




Investment Agreements

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