An Information Technology service survey is a questionnaire intended to get a feedback from IT service customers in order to adapt ways by which the overall servicing can be improved and customer satisfaction levels can be met. The questions are framed in such a way that it doesn’t take a lot of time for the customers to fill in the answers.

Sample IT Customer Service Survey:

  1. The ABC IT technicians are professional and well mannered:
    1. Strongly agree
    2. Agree
    3. Disagree
  2. Based on your query, how knowledgeable was our technician?
    1. Very
    2. Moderate
    3. Poor
  3. The website was helpful in resolving your problem:
    1. Agree
    2. Disagree
  4. Your problem was resolved in a timely manner:
    1. Agree
    2. Disagree
  5. You keep getting calls from our executives to ensure the follow up of the query:
    1. Agree
    2. Disagree
  6. You are overall satisfied with the services offered:
    1. Yes
    2. No

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