Job analysis surveys form one of the most integral parts of any organization. It is because by doing the correct job analysis, one can get a fair idea regarding the recruitment of right and aptly skilled workers in the company.

Job Analysis Survey Sample:

Q1. Do you find the present job profile according to your aptitude?

(a)   Yes

(b)   No

Q2. Since how long have you been associated with this nature of job?

(a) 1-2 years

(b) 2-4 years

(c) More than 5 years

Q3. Which department do you work in the company?

(a)   Management

(b)   Sales Executive

(c) Marketing head

(d)   Accounts

(e)   Others , please specify

Q4.  How far is your job choice based on salary and perks?

(a)   Largely to a great extent

(b)   Not at all

(c) Can’t say

Q5. Do you have any kind of incentive or audit in your office?

(f)  Often

(g)   Sometimes

(h)   Rarely

(i)   Never

Q6. Would you like to write make any changes in the working environment of your organization?

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