Interview is the ultimate stage of being considered for a job whether in the public or in the private sector. The interview is done in order to know about the attributes of the candidates and choose the best among them to shoulder the responsibility of the position. The job interview survey consists of pertinent questions in this regards.

Job Interview Survey Sample:

1. Why are you interested in getting this job?

  1. The brand name of the company
  2. The salary that is being offered
  3. The job offers lot of scope in career growth
  4. To further diversify the profile
  5. To stay sincere to the core of my specialized field

2. How can add value to this position?

  1. I will strengthen the application of conventional concepts and strategies.
  2. I will bring in innovation and fresh insights.
  3. Both of the above options.

3. Will you work overtime?

  1. Yes, definitely.
  2. Never.
  3. May be.

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