Job market survey is initiated to evaluate the percentage of interest of job seekers into a particular field or job. This survey is organized by a consultancy and external research bodies manually or online. In both cases, the records obtained from applicants output are saved for futures reference.

Job Market Survey Sample:

Q1. Please mention your age and qualification?

Q2. In which of the following fields you are you looking for a job?

(a)                        HR  department

(b)                        Admin

(c) Sales& Marketing

(d)                        Accounts and Finance

(e)                        If others, please specify

Q2. What nature of job are you looking for?

(a)                        Administration

(b)                        Field job

(c) Travelling job

Q4. According to you, which of the given factors play an important role to work peacefully in an office?

(a)                        Environment of office

(b)                        Coordination between departments

(c) Assigned place to work

(d)                        Internal relationship among department staff.

(e)                        All of the above

(f)  If any other, please specify

Q5. Which factors would you consider before joining an organisation?

(a)                        Official work strategies

(b)                        Work load

(c) Salary

(d)                        Office timings

(e)                        If any other, please mention.

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