Job placement survey is organized by renowned job consultancies to mark their position in current placement market. This survey output is used for the betterment of placement services not only to attractive eligible candidates but also to maintain the good ranking in the placement world.

Job Placement Survey Sample:

Q1.  Tell us something about your job experience?

(a)                        Less than 2 years

(b)                        More than 2 years

(c) More than 5 years

(d)                        More than 7 years

Q2. Which is your area of interest to get placed in a desired organization?

(a)                        Marketing

(b)                        Accounts & finance

(c) Sales

(d)                        Administration

Q3. Why have you chosen us to serve you with our placement services?

(a)                        Renowned name

(b)                        Quality placement services

(c) Aware about applicant’s requirements

Q4. From where have you heard about us?

(a)                        Newspapers

(b)                        Television

(c) Friends

(d)                        Internet

Q5. What are the important factors that you consider while looking for a job profile?

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