Job research survey takes place within an organization to get the detailed information regarding a job profile. Such survey can be held on any job designation and department.  If some weakness and deficiency is recorded during the survey then an employer can think of new changes.

Job Research Survey Samples:

Q.1 Kindly provides us your current candidature details?

Q2. Where do you see your current designation after two years?

(a)                        With salary growth

(b)                        With authority growth

(c) With decision making power in management

(d)                        With all the above factors

Q3. Are you satisfied with the job authorities and responsibilities that are assigned to you?

(a)                        Yes

(b)                        To some extent

(c) No

Q4. How do you rate your contribution in management growth?

(a)                        Outstanding

(b)                        Good

(c) Average

(d)                        Not sure

Q5. How do you mark the behaviour of your seniors towards you?

(a)                        Excellent

(b)                        Satisfactory

(c) poor

Q6. What changes would you like to have in your job profile which will make you more satisfied?

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