A job satisfaction survey is often conducted by companies in order to assess the employees’ views regarding their workplace. These inputs help a company address its workers’  concerns, form strategies to retain them and increase productivity through mutual co-operation.

Job Satisfaction Survey Questionnaire Sample

1) How long have you been working for the company?

a. 6 months-1 year

b.  1 year-2 years

c. More than 2 years

2) How would you rate your career growth here?

a. Below average

b.  Average

c. Good

d. Very good

3) What is your opinion on the work environment?

a.  Stressful

b.  Busy but friendly

c. Relaxed

4) How would you rate your rapport with your co-workers?

a. Bad

b.  Fair

c.  Good

d. Very good

6) Do you share a positive relationship with your immediate superior?

a.  Yes

b.  No

c. Can’t say

7) How often is your opinion valued by your boss?

a.  Rarely

b.  Occasionally

c. Always

8) Do you feel your salary matches your performance?

a.  Yes

b. No

9) Do you get adequate perks/bonuses besides your pay?

a.  Yes

b. No

10) Is there flexibility in your work hours?

a.  Yes

b. No

11) When was the last time you took a vacation from work?

a.  Six months ago

b.  Last year

c.  More than a year ago

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  1. Ethel Rose Alvis says:

    We, 3rd year Radiologic Technology Students of De La Salle Health Sciences Institute in Philippines , would like to ask permission from your respectable institution to use your title and instrument for our research study/thesis entitled “Job Satisfaction of the Radiologic Technologists in Dasmariñas, Cavite.” We find your instrument very interesting and since this is in related to the study that we are formulating, we think that this would help us to reach our objectives. we are sure to cite you in the product of our research. We hope and we’ll really appreciate if you would grant our request. Thank you!

    Respectfully yours,
    Researchers from De La Salle Health Sciences Institute..

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