Job Satisfaction Survey is an imperative statistical tool that is put in such a way that the employee feedback is rightly presented with a set of easy and comprehensive questions. It is very essential to know that the employees who grind themselves under heavy work are getting job satisfaction or not

Job Satisfaction Survey Questions Sample:

Q1. Are you regular to your office?

(a)            yes

(b)            no

(c)            Sometimes late

Q2. Do you enjoy working in this office?

(a)    Yes

(b)    No

Q3. Are you comfortable to work in a team?

(a)                        Yes

(b)                        No

Q4 How much income have you been offered?

(a)            More than expected amount

(b)            Less than expected amount

Q5. Are you satisfied working here?

(a)       Yes, fully satisfied

(b)       Satisfied

(c)       Disappointed

(d)       Dissatisfied

Q6 Do you think your seniors are motivating you properly?

(a)            Yes

(b)            Sometimes

(c)            Often

(d)            Rarely

(e)            Never

Q7. Do you think you are given enough freedom to perform your work independently and creatively?

(a) Yes


(c) At times

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