The internet and other media are being increasingly used by job hunters and a job search survey helps to figure out what exactly a candidate is looking for. It also aids in finding out the latest job trends and expectations in the job market.

Job Search Survey Sample

1) Please specify your job search field.

a. Accounting

b. Clerical

c. Education

d. Sales

e. Retail

f. HR

g. Engineering

h. Medical

i. Others

2) What is your level of education?

a. High school

b. Graduate

c. Post graduate

d. Doctoral

3) Please mention your age.

a. less than 18

b. 19-22

c. 23-28

d. Above 28

4) What is your current status?

a. Student

b. Employed

c. Unemployed

5) What type of position are you looking for?

a. Internship

b. Part-time

c. Full-time

d. Freelancing

6) What salary figures are you expecting?

a. Rs 1-2 lakh

b. Rs 2-3 lakh

c. Above Rs 3 lakh

7) What do you look for when you search for a job?

a. Brand

b. Location

c. Professional field

d. Profile requirements

e. Salary (if mentioned)

8) How did you come to know about our website?

a. Word of mouth

b. Ads

c. Internet search

d. Newspaper

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