Job Vacancy survey is held to evaluate the number of available vacancies throughout different organizations. Job vacancy survey is basically initiated by the job consultancies to coordinate with organizations and to invite the applications from eligible candidates. This survey is beneficial for both consultancy and an applicant.

Job Vacancy Survey Sample:

Q1. Please mention your name, organisation’s name and contact details?

Q2.  How many departments and sections do you have in your organization?

(a)                        Less than 3

(b)                        3

(c) 5

(d)                        7

(e)                        If more please specify

Q3. In which of the following departments, do you have vacancies?

(a)                        Sales

(b)                        Marketing

(c) Accounts

(d)                        Admin

(e)                        Finance

(f)  HR

Q4. How many vacancies are available in your selected department?

(a)                        1

(b)                        2

(c) 3

(d)                        More than 3

Q5.  What is the level of available vacancy?

(a)                        Senior management

(b)                        Manger level

(c) Executive level

Q6. What are the minimum qualifications needed for these vacancies?

(a)                        Master’s degree

(b)                        Graduation

(c) Diploma

(d)                        If others, please specify

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