Labor Market Survey denotes a tool in the hands of researchers which will give them the accurate data about the needs and demands of the workforce. It benefits the business concerns, to reduce labor unrest, lay off and retrenchment; augment the expansion plans, if any. The method involves systematic study of diverse aspects of labor force. For instance, their current status, monetary expectations, intangible benefits like perquisites, demographic profile, the work environment, their suggestions etc. Taking such survey keeps either party happy and ensures smooth functioning of work.

A Sample Labor Market Survey Questionnaire

1.What is your Employment Status?



2.Please specify your date of joining ……..

3.What is your educational qualification?

a.High School

b.Associate Degree

c. Bachelor’s Degree

d.Master’s Degree

e.If others please specify …………

4.What is your job experience?

a.This is my first Job

b.Less than 3 years

c. More than 3 years

d.If more than 3 years, please specify…………

5.What is the reason of leaving the previous job?

a.Low pay

b.Management issues

c. Not happy with the kind of work

d.Better career opportunity

6.Are satisfied with your pay?



7.Is your salary at par with Industry Standard?



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