Land survey training is important for those people who are seeking a good career in land survey companies. During this program, trainees are taught with beneficial land survey techniques and required study material.

Land Survey Training Sample

Q1. Mention your contact details please?

Q2. Have you understood various techniques to work as a land surveyor?

(a)    Absolutely

(b)    Yes

(c) No

(d)   Not sure

Q3. Do you think you have gained mathematical and drafting skills to understand the tough concepts of land surveys?

(a)   Strongly agree

(b)  Somewhat

(c) Disagree

Q4. Are you satisfied with the material and instructions provided to you during training?

(a)   Fully satisfied

(b)                        Satisfied

(c) Dissatisfied

Q5. Would you like to recommend our training program to your friends and colleagues?

(a)        Yes

(b)                        No

(c) Not sure

Q6. Kindly provide us your valuable feed back for maintaining our training standards that would help you to serve even better?

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