Lawyer Salary Survey is an important statistical measure resorted by the Lawyers. This tool helps to find whether the salary of the lawyers is at par with the industrial   standard. Moreover, many companies use this as a mode to find if the compensation package offered by them is suitable or not.

Lawyer Salary Survey

1. Number of years you have been practising?

a. 0-5

b. 5-10

c. 10-15

d. If more than 15 years, please specify—————

2. What is your educational background?

a. 4 year under graduate degree

b. Went to Law School

c. Passed the Bar Council Exam

d. Passed the Ethics Exam

e. Others Please Specify———-

3. Please specify what kind of summer training you have done

4. What is the name of the firm where you work?

5. Which industry does your client belong to?

a. Aerospace

b. Computer

c. Electronics

d. Manufacturing

e. Wireless/Satellite

f. Insurance

g. Telecommunication

h. E-Commerce

i.  Government

j. If others please specify————–

6. Mention your level of job?

a. Manager

b. Senior Manager

c. VP

d. Attorney


f. Lawyer


h. If others please specify————

7. Mention your discipline?

a. Taxation

b Criminal

c. Civil

d. Corporate

e. Labour

f. International Property

g. Property

e. If others please specify————–

8. Please elaborate your job profile

9. Are you happy with your salary?

a. Yes

b. No

10. What is the exact education requirement for your job profile?

11. Is your salary at par with Industry Standard?

a. Yes

b. No

12 Where is your company located?

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