A leadership effectiveness survey is used to assess the effectiveness of a particular leader or a leadership. These types of surveys helps an individual to know the traits that will prove useful for enhancing the effectiveness of leadership.

Sample Leadership Effectiveness Survey:

Q1. Do you have effective leadership qualities?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Not sure

Q2. Which of the following traits is the main character of an effective leader?

  • Sound leadership behaviour
  • Ability to prepare organization strategies with values
  • Building unity in the team
  • Motivating the learning and healthy working environment
  • Effective communication skills
  • Others please write: ________________

Q3. As per you knowledge, which of the following skills bring effectiveness in the leadership?

  • Vision Integration
  • Motivating team work and persuasion
  • Effective planning and brilliant problem solving skills
  • Outstanding Demonstrating skills
  • Others, please specify: _____________________

Q4. How does a relationship development strategy participate in leadership effectiveness?

  • It imitates and deepens the relationship among management and team
  • It motivates the interpersonal skills of each member of team
  • It helps in dealing with diverse team issues
  • Others, please specify: ________________________

Q5. As per you opinion, adaptability is a matter of concern in leadership effectiveness?

  • Yes. It enhances the team control
  • It fetches positive change
  • No
  • Others: ___________________

Q5. Kindly specify more about your leadership effectiveness knowledge to help us in this survey.


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