A leadership environment assessment survey is a kind of a survey which assesses the feedback of the employees of an organization as far as their opinion on the leadership environment of the workplace is concerned. Any such survey tries to find out whether or not the workplace promotes and encourages employees to take up leadership oriented projects and helps them to polish their leadership qualities. The main purpose of a leadership environment assessment survey is to gather the various viewpoints of different employees and come to a conclusion about the leadership environment of the office or company as a whole. The following is a sample of one such survey:

Leadership Environment Assessment Survey Sample:

Name of the employee:

Designation of the employee:

Department name of the employee:

Email address of the employee:

Contact number of the employee:

Kindly answer the following given questions about the leadership environment of the workplace in the spaces provided:

Q1. How many times have you been given a chance to lead a team on a project?

a) Never

b) A few times

c) Many times

Q2. In your opinion, does the workplace promote leadership qualities and gives employees a space to polish their leadership skills by taking leading teams and training new employees?

a) Yes, quite a lot

b) Yes, a little bit

c) Not very much

d) Not at all

Q3. Have you ever felt that you had the potential of leading a team of people but you were not given a chance to express this thought?

a) Yes, many times

b) Yes, a few times

c) Not really

d) Not at all

Q4. Would you say that the work environment in the company welcomes opinions and suggestions of the employees?

a) Yes

b) No

Q5. Do you think that a team leader is given ample rights and responsibilities?

a) Yes

b) No

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