A leadership matrix survey is a well designed tool helpful in judging the professional working style, operational habits and functional ability of an individual. The main objective of this survey is to find out the leadership behaviour, decision making skills and result oriented attitude of candidates. Such a survey is initiated by consultancies, management institutes and organizations to gather facts.

Sample Leadership Matrix Survey:

Q1. Is it your first time participating in Leadership matrix survey:

  • Yes
  • No

Q2. Do you have any experience of accessing leadership matrix fundamentals and ethical codes?

  • Yes
  • No

Q3. Matrix Leadership plays a vital role in:

  • Small scale companies
  • Government sector
  • Commercial organizations
  • Multinational companies
  • All of the above
  • Others: _______________________

Q4. How does a leadership matrix survey play an important role in professional build up of an industry? Please explain in a single line:


Q5. The major job responsibility of a matrix leadership expert is:

  • To monitor the routine execution of official functions
  • Accomplishing the assigned targets and goals
  • Encouraging the employees for creative jobs
  • To carry out the desired result by completing several complicated tasks
  • Others: _______________________

Q6. Do you think time management and rectifying mistakes are the essential factors of Matrix Leadership?

  • Yes
  • No

Q7. Please let us know more about your knowledge about leadership matrix challenges to complete this survey:


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