Every leader has a unique style of leading his/her team. The style may be conventional in approach or may be too unorthodox. But the important thing is via that particular style the work must be performed efficiently and the target should be achieved without much of hassles. The leadership styles survey is an attempt to identify the leadership styles of the survey takers.

Leadership Styles Survey Sample

1. Do you prefer to instruct your team members at relevant stages or all throughout?

  1. I prefer to instruct at relevant stages.
  2. I prefer to instruct al throughout.
  3. It depends on the nature of the assignment/project.

2. If a team member does not follow your instruction then what step will you resort to?

  1. I will expel him/her from the team.
  2. I will patiently make him/her understand.
  3. I will tell any of the other team members to make him/her understand.
  4. I will tell the particular member to reassess the instruction.

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