A leadership survey is essential to know whether an individual is performing to the best of his abilities to carry out his role of a leader. A leadership survey template gives the format in which the survey needs to be carried out as a wrong format may lead to misjudgment in the leadership ability of the team leader.

Leadership Survey Template Sample:

___________________________ [name of the organization]

___________________________ [address of the organization]

__________________________ [name of the team leader]

__________________________ [name of the department]

Name: _____________ [name of the individual taking the survey or the team member]

Designation: ___________________ [designation of the individual]

1. Do you feel that your leader has the confidence to lead a team?

a) ___________

b) _____________


2. Give example of an instance when you were de motivated by the behavior of your leader?


[Example given by the team member]

3. Give an example when your leader encouraged the team even though there was work pressure?



4. How often does your team leader give you feedback?


[Period of giving feedback]

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