Legitimate Online Survey Companies are one of the most resorted ways and modes to earn some easy cash from the internet. More and more people seem to be realizing the benefits of opting for these online survey companies. Along with the gain in popularity of these online survey companies, there has been an increase in the number of fraudsters claiming that they would pay for surveys taken and later dupe people.

Here are a few legitimate Survey companies that are known to be credible and are known to pay people for surveys taken:

-American consumer opinion: These sites are trust worthy and are known to pay people for taking surveys. They have an extremely sound privacy policy in place ensuring that details of those who are taking the surveys is not leaked out to all.

-Esomar: esomar is one of the most famous online survey websites .this website has registered members spanning all over 100 countries. They have a whooping number of more than 5000 members who are paid for taking surveys. This is one site that almost everyone can vouch for.

-Global test Market.com is another such famous online survey company. This particular website is known to conduct survey for those companies who are launching products the first time.

Other credible legitimate online survey companies are as follows

Survey savvy.com





Your 2cents.com

And many more.

No matter which site you may opt for, just make sure that all proper precautions are taken to ensure that the website in question is a legitimate online survey company.

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