Life stress survey is about those problems and troubles that disturb and affect one’s life largely. The reasons behind stress in life could be different for everyone and so the response towards stress but its impact is almost similar. Therefore, the survey questions also cover various issues and troubles of one’s life.

Life Stress Survey Sample

1. Do you always remain stressful, if yes than name the reason?

A. Family Problems

B. Work and career related issues.

C. Illness of any family member

D. Difficulties in marriage or relationships

2. Do you like to escape challenges and new tasks?

A. Yes

B. No.

C. These days I am doing so.

D. Sometimes.

3. How do you like to deal with stress?

A. By not thinking about it.

B. Get myself involve with other things.

C. Discussing with friends.

4. Name any health problem that you are having these days?

A. Mood swings

B. Severe headaches

C. Blood pressure

D. Tiredness.

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