As the title of the topic suggests, a love assessment survey has the primary objective to analyze the extent and the dynamics of love. Information is collected from the survey takers and then a rigorous qualitative assessment is performed by the experts with preferably a background in psychology and counseling. The questions are designed carefully to extract the most relevant answers from the respondents.

Love Assessment Survey Sample

1. What will be your reaction if your loved one points out your mistake?

  1. I will back-charge in my own defense.
  2. I will accept the allegation.
  3. I will argue politely and explain my position.
  4. My reaction would depend on the nature of the mistake committed.

2. If the person whom you love falls sick what measures you would take?

  1. I will call a doctor.
  2. I will call a doctor and recruit a nurse.
  3. I will call a doctor and take care of him/her myself.

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