Love language survey is about finding those different and unique ways of expression of love and romantic feelings. Everyone have his/her own unique way to express emotions and thoughts about their love partner. These surveys are aimed to study those love languages that are different for everyone.

Love Language Survey Sample

1. How do you like to surprise your partner?

A. By giving gifts.

B. A candle light dinner.

C. A romantic evening.

D. By helping in daily chores.

2. How do you like to spend time with your partner?

A. By doing things of his/her choice.

B. By sharing common hobbies.

C. Long drives and hangouts.

D. A romantic evening.

3. Do you often give compliments to your partner?

A. Yes.

B. Most of the time.

C. Sometimes.

4. Name those little things that your partner likes to do for you?

A. Helping me in my work projects.

B. Praising me in front of other people.

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