A love survey template is a tool that increases the convenience of organizing and processing a survey in regards to collecting information about various aspects of love. The template has a well defined structure and succinct explanations of the purpose why a question is being asked. The survey questionnaire also consists of the personal details of the respondent.

Love Survey Template Sample

Name: ___________ (full legal name of the respondent)

Date of Birth: _________ (official date of birth)

Contact details: _____________ (residence address, phone number and mail id)

1. What is love according to you? [This is a tricky question and aims at testing the general attitude of the respondent on understanding love]


2. What will you do if someone you dearly love commits a mistake? [This question tests the ability of the respondent to handle an uncomfortable situation on this issue]

  1. I will help him/her understand the mistake patiently.
  2. My action will depend on the nature and/or intensity of the mistake.

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