Love is the most talked about emotion. A person loves another person, animal, nature or art or some other entity with no definite boundaries. A love survey is a short questionnaire intended to collect qualitative data from the respondents about their personal views on love and its various facets. The survey is generally being prepared by psychologists and/or experts relevant to this subject.

Love Survey Sample

1. If your loved one hurts you, what you will intend to do?

  1. I will too hurt him/her
  2. I will try to understand the reason for hurting me.
  3. I will not mind it.

2. Do you think giving surprise gifts can increase love?

  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. Can’t say

3. Do you reveal your personal information to your loved ones?

  1. Yes, each and every detail.
  2. Yes, fair amount of it.
  3. I reveal little amount of my personal information.
  4. I don’t reveal any personal information.

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