Love is undoubtedly one of the purest forms of emotions, present among every living species without any kind of distinction. It might be between a mother and child, or between two friends or a married couple or may be a man and his pet. Though this type of unselfish relation does not follow any formulation and takes its own course as a river does, it however demands cautiousness owing to its fragile nature. Hence becomes pronounced the need for conducting love surveys. The purpose of such surveys is not just to test how much love is present between or among the individuals involved, but also to analyze the relation from various angles and suggest ways to overcome obstacles and evolve and improve. These types of surveys need to consist of the following factors to make it all the more effective:

  • Privacy: As the involved relation is an extremely sensitive one, it demands privacy from those who conduct the survey. It is very important that the emotions and decisions of the people on whom the survey is being done be respected.
  • Mutual cooperation: Whether it is romantic love or love for nature, each one needs to cooperate with the other and interact in a way they want, so that surveys can be conducted capturing their usual selves.
  • Authenticity: Any relation claiming to have been built on love should show enough honesty and not fake for the sake of earning better points in survey.

Hence love surveys are important tools to assess the level of closeness and understanding shared by the members and makes the bond stronger and cherish able.

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