A management consultant salary survey is a survey that helps to know the salary structure of a management consultant. With the help of this survey, an individual aspiring for this job can get an idea about the salary that is being offered to the management consultants at various companies.


Management Consultant Salary Survey Sample



1) What is the salary for the fresher management consultants per annum at your company?

  1. Below 2.5lakh
  2. Above 2.5 lakh

2) In how many years the salary get increased for the management consultants?

  1. Within 1-2years
  2. After 2years
  3. Depends upon the performance

3) The rate of salary increment happens by what percent?

  1. Remains within 5%
  2. More than 5%
  3. Entirely depends upon the performance

4) What is the range of appurtenances you get per annum?

  1. Below 10,000
  2. More than 10,000

5) Do you think the appurtenances per annum is sufficient as per to your salary?

  1. Yes, certainly the extras are terrific
  2. Its average
  3. Not at all


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