Every business establishment has many layers of employee participation. Of these, management level is considered the most vital one because of the status it enjoys. A management survey pertains to the process of a systematic, regulated and scientific study of management related issues. The findings are then evaluated with the parameters set by the think-tank that are considered to have the required expertise. The survey also reflects those factors which has a bearing on the productivity and austerity of the workforce.

Organizational assessment is one type of such survey. Here, for instance, the survey can have a question related with ‘mutual trust’ between different teams working in the same organization. Having an in-depth know-how about the management issues, benefits the business concern to resolve them at the earliest. This in turn ensures smooth and cordial work culture within the entity.

In these trying days of recession, global melt down, bursting of the dot com bubble, business establishments find it helping to avoid any conflict within the management. Decisions of diverse nature are taken by the management. One tier of the management has the nexus with the other. Now, if someone in the management level feels aggrieved, he might delay the process of proper flow of authority. To illustrate, an aggrieved sales department executive might not adhere to the procedure, after the dispatch is made by the purchase department.

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