An interview for a manger is meant for selecting the best candidate who would be efficiently able to handle a team and deliver positive results in regards to a particular project within the set deadline. There are usually many applicants for a single post of a manager in any company. The manager interview survey aims at placing relevant questions to the concerned individual who has applied for the post.

Manager Interview Survey Sample

1. What will be your priority while managing a team of subordinate executives/workers?

  1. I will focus on the deadline of the project and accordingly allocate responsibilities.
  2. I will focus on the streamlined execution of the project in a cost-effective way.
  3. I will focus on the gravity of the project and process it strategically.
  4. I will focus on the volume of the project and allocate responsibilities equally.

2. What will be your role while leading a team?

  1. Leader
  2. Companion
  3. Technical guide
  4. Learner
  5. Any other (mention ___________)

3. According to you what are the most important qualities that a manager should possess?

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