Marine job survey is a survey to find out the job opportunities and other job related information in the marine sector. This type of survey helps an individual to know about the current status of job and salary structure which is paid in the marine sector.

Marine Job Survey Sample

  1. How many vacancies do you have in your shipping corporation?

a)   Less than one hundred

b)   More than 100

c)   Keeps changing from time to time

  1. 2. For which ranking are you hiring?

a)   1st Level officer

b)   2nd Level officer

c)   3rd Level officer

d)   4th Level officer

  1. 3. What is the pay package that you are offering?

a)   Less than $5000

b)   Between $5000- $8000

c)   More than $8000

  1. 4. How many months in a year does the employee need to be on shore?

a)   Less than 6 months

b)   More than 6 months

c)   More than a year

d)   Depends upon the job type

  1. 5. How often do you provide increment to your employees?

a)   Once every 6 months

b)   Once every year

c)   Depends upon the performance

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