More and more people understand that one of the easiest ways to earn some easy money is by opting for online jobs. The latest rage amongst the plethora of online jobs available is market online research surveys. The people take online surveys and get paid in return. On the other hand, from company’s point of view, they are shelling out money in order to understand the nuances of the market.

Market Online Research Survey Paid

1.Which product of company ABC do you use?

2.How long have you been using this product of Company ABC?

a.Less than  year

b.More than 1 year

c. Ages

3.Have you ever complained while using this product?



4.If yes, then what has been the nature of your complaint?

5.Did you ever switch to competitor’s product?



6.What are the factors, which made to switch to competitor’s product?

a.Better quantity

b.Better quality

c. Better advertising skills

d.Better perks associated with the product.

e.Freebies along with them.

f.  In case of anything else, please specify.

7. What changes would you like to see in product ABC so that it can meet up with your expectations?

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