Market Research Survey is held by paying money and free gifts to customers and masses, to complete the survey. Nowadays, many paid survey companies conduct the surveys of organizations by paying attention to survey requirements and topics. People generally take the survey by registering to such websites and earn money to complete marketing research surveys.

Market Research Survey Get Paid Sample:

Q1. Please provide your name and contact details?

Q2. For which of the given factors you are attending this survey?

(a)                        Brand name

(b)                        Product

(c) Services

Q3. Why are you associated with this company?

(a)                        Renowned brand

(b)                        Excellent services

(c) Superior quality products

Q4. Will you suggest this brand to your social circle?

(a) Yes

(b) No

(c) Sometimes

(d) Never

Q5. Do you agree that the product price offered by this organization is affordable in comparison to other brands coming under same category?

(a) Strongly agree

(b) Agree

(c) Neutral

(d) Disagree

Q6. Is there any improvement which we can do in our product to serve you even better?

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