Every organization spends millions to hire the best brain in the related field. So, the departmental executives basically have the knowledge which is crude in nature. It does miss the practical touch to it. Market Research Survey gives them the required information which they use in tandem with their B-School teachings. This way the organization benefits from taking a sound and well informed decision in matters which can affect their profits. Such a study reflects the customer’s current wants and demands. It is therefore a much sought-after managerial tool to control markets.

Market Research Survey Sample

1.Which ISP are you using right now?

Please specify the name …………..

2.Why only this?

a.Its cheap

b.Suits my criteria

c. Suggested by friends

3.What is so special about its services?

4.Do you think the price is reasonable?



5.How much are you paying right now?

a.Less than $2

b.More than $2

6.What bugs you the most of this ISP?

a.The Price

b.The connectivity

c. The Speed


7.What do you like the most about this ISP?



c. Connectivity

8.Would you recommend this ISP to your friends?





Marketing Analysis

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