Market research surveys are done to understand the response of customers and current market regarding a particular service or product. An organization can introduce and make changes in current polices and marketing strategies in order to earn desirables profits.

Market research Surveys Sample:

Q1. How do you describe our products and services?

(a)                        High quality

(b)                        A trusted brand

(c) A good value

(d)                        Dissatisfied

Q2.  Do you use our products regularly?

(a)                        Yes

(b)                        No

Q3. Which other brand products do you use which come under same category?

Q4. What is that thing which makes our product better than the other brands?

(a)                        Performance

(b)                        Quality

(c) Availability

(d)                        Others please specify

Q5. Are you satisfied with your investments in our products and services?

(a)                        Fully satisfied

(b)                        Satisfied

(c) Average

(d)                        Not satisfied

Q6. Do you have any suggestions that will help us to improve our product appearance and performance?

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