These companies in essence reduce the time in arriving at varied logical business conclusions. Particularly matters such as, information about rival competitors, customer behaviors, demand/supply/price of a product. A Market Survey Company takes the help of various survey tools to come to conclusions which are authentic and based on scientific studies. For instance, it will be futile for a business concern to observe the sales pattern of one of its competitors.  Therefore, they appoint such Market Survey Company which can give the desired data in a short span of time. And yes, it is cost effective as well.

Market Survey Company Sample

1.Which market survey company have you currently employed?

2.Why did you select this?

a.Its cheap

b.Heard about them

c. Someone suggested

3.How is their service?



c. Average

d.Needs improvement

4.Are you satisfied with their response?



5.What is so special about your market survey company?

a.Good Reputation

b.Nice Brand Name

c. Proper attention to customer grievance

6.What do you don’t like in them?


b.Lacks proper communication channel

c. If others please specify ………

7.Are they charging more?



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